Crystal Sanford

I have always been drawn to the concept of heirlooms; objects designed well, beautiful, and lasting through generations. Heirloom Design House was born out of this love for all things timeless and lasting.

As an artist and designer I have explored many mediums, but not until I became a florist, did I find something that fully captivated my attention. I approach every arrangement as I would any other piece of art: careful and studied, enhancing the flowers natural beauty. As each flower is unique, I love how the canvas is constantly changing. Each arrangement speaks to me in a different way.

Your wedding day celebrates and honors the most beautiful part of your life: falling in love. Although the life of a flower is fleeting, the memories you create on your wedding day will be the most treasured heirloom you posses. I love being part of that process: curating the most beautiful day imaginable for you to look back on and hold dear.

Heirloom Design House is based out of Los Angeles, but we do weddings all over the world. I look forward to hearing your love story and creating those memories with you!